New Year and you’re stuck with the same old me.

I'm FabulousI have just deleted my blog post.  I wrote 700 very worthy words about new year, fresh starts and all that jazz.  I went down to dinner, came back again and deleted the whole lot.  Bollocks to that.  In fact, bollocks to a lot of things.

15 things I know for a fact will happen this year – because I’m 44 and have been around the block a bit.

1)  I will say some very inappropriate things.  It happens without fail.  I open my mouth and crap comes out.  That’s why I stick to writing.  I write crap too, but at least I get the chance to edit it.

2)  I will drink too much.  I like alcohol, so sue me.  I will go to the pub.  A lot.  Get over it.

3)  I will eat too much food that is considered bad for you and not enough food that is considered good for you.  My relationship with it will continue to be dysfunctional.  I will hide it the best I can.

4)  I will post too much on social media.  You know where the unfollow / unfriend button is.

5) I will feel upset if anyone does unfriend me on Facebook.  You are my tribe, I love you.

6) I will write.  A lot.  Some of it maybe very bad.  Some of it maybe very good. But in every word know this:  It has come from my heart.

7) I will do my best.  It will fall a long way short of the mark, but I shall give everything my best shot.

8)  If you need me I will be there for you.  Promise.

9) I will cry. Sometimes I will cry over you.

10) I will dance when no one is watching.  Because I’m crap at it.

11)  I will have insomnia.  A lot.  It’s an old friend.

12)  I will have a wildly inappropriate relationship with somebody – in my head.   They will never know it, but it will be there.

13)  I will try and fail at being a Christian.  Mainly because of every single one of the points above.  But I still think loving each other, sharing what you have and not believing the rubbish the world tells you is a good philosophy to live by.

14) I will piss someone off.  Someone will tell me how much they hate me.  Always happens.

15) I will be myself.  I cannot be anyone else.


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